Better prototypes. Faster.


Hardware prototyping doesn't have to be so hard.


We’re challenging the basic concepts of electronic prototyping and rethinking the experience with makers in mind. Hexabitz is a new kind of electronic prototyping platforms with game-changing modularity and a hint of biomimicry.


Say Goodbye to Wiring Jungles

Hexabitz abstract form replaces the wiring jungle in your prototypes with a tidy and rigid, revolutionary edge-soldering system. It is easy to use, adds minimal overhead and provides you the feel and security of professionally made custom boards while still allowing reconfigurability at any time.

one module.jpg

Use One

Every configurable Hexabitz module packs the punch of its own low-power microcontroller. This means you can use each module as a stand-alone board without need for external hardware. Use our intuitive Command Line Interface (CLI) to get up-and-running without even writing a single line of code.

2016-01-25 14.49.25.jpg

Use Many

On the other side of the spectrum, Hexabitz is one of the most scalable platforms out there. Our innovative wired-mesh concept and powerful inter-module communication infrastructure mean you have theoretically no limits on number of interconnected modules unlike in SPI, I2C and other bus-based systems. The nature-inspired form-factor coupled with our Bitz Operating System (BOS) make it easy to build arrays of 30+ modules in a small and compact form.


For work. For play. For makers.

Hexabitz is built for makers. It is time to turn prototyping into a fun making experience. From designing your array shape and geometry to soldering the modules together and 3D-printing your enclosure, Hexabitz will give you the sense-of-pride of making something special without the hassle and cost of building a custom hardware.